When Days Are Hard

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some days are hard. They stretch out long and enduring...day after day of a never-ending routine that continuously demands more of us than we can give.

Think great thoughts, use perfect grammar, write pages and pages of research. And write again. And again. And again.

Did I already say again?

There are days when you do just fine. Maybe even some days when you are on top of the world, feeling confident and proud because you've gotten ahead, gotten organized, gotten everything done that you had on your to-do list. But maybe you're like me and haven't had too many of those days. Maybe you've been hanging on by your fingernails, tossed by wave after wave of rhetoric, tests, foreign language, and the barrage of papers that seem to rise and slap you with all the shock of freezing water. Sometimes it seems like there's no rest for the weary...you push and push yourself, only to wake each day to face another assignment.

Have you been there before? Are you there now? We're in the final home stretch - the last two weeks of the semester. Of the entire school year.

So hang in there, friends. We can make it. Somehow or other, we will survive. We're always stronger than we think. So that research paper you're trying to finish at 1 a.m.? You'll be able to dig deep and find the words. And study for that insane biology or physics or anatomy test. And write that British literature essay.

So stay strong.

Lock yourself up in a study cubicle and get it done.

Take time to be silly.

Find music that energizes and encourages you. It's an academic marathon we're running, friends. And the good news is that we're very nearly quite almost there. It's time to start sprinting and cross the finish line in triumph.

Find a mantra (or several) and repeat/remind yourself of it when you're pulling an all-nighter or staying up late to finish that assignment due the next day.

Athletes use them for a reason - they really do help, because it's truly all in our heads. If we're convinced we're going to fail, we've already given up. But if we plan to fight tooth and nail, well-used coffee mug and laptop, we're already halfway there. It's hard to remember that...but surprisingly, it's true. So find that saying that will help keep you going.

If you're my best friend, it's what her father told her: 

"How do you eat an elephant? 

One bite at a time."

Just one little bite. Piece by piece. :)