A Productive Pretty Pink Meeting

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last night the Pretty Pens met. Yes, it is a secret society for all things pink, frilly, and feminine. Well, not really. Nearly all of us were wearing pink though!! 'Twas a lovelerly eventide of all things writing, shop (book) talk, coffee, and Ms. Cay's so-unbelievable-you-sink-into-it moist chocolate cake with dewberry syrup. Seriously, people. That cake was like a pillow. A big, fluffy, silky, light, airy, cloud-like, chocolate bundle of joy that would make an angel sing.

Yes, I do realize I just used several synonyms in the same sentence. I'm okay with that.

All indulging aside though, it was a pretty good meeting; we banged all the business out of the way...so we could, as Ms. Cay said, "talk afterward til the cows come home." And come home they did, at the ripe respectable hour of 10:00. ;) The Kane ladies (Ms. Kimberly and Keaghan) and Ms. Angela (my Lit teacher) left a bit before 9....my mom and I were lured back into our Joe Mug seats for an extended chat with Ms. Cay. Needless to say we were shrieking with laughter within twenty minutes. (I say shrieking because shrieking is so more ladylike then "roaring".) ;)

What can I say? I take after my mom: slightly random, fun-loving, ready to laugh, and born to par-tay. Of course, any respectable old-fashioned homeschool girl realizes that when I say party, I mean talking with other homeschool moms and tee-heeing over things their kids have said/done. Like trail behind their big brother, vacuuming up cat hair.... :D

I'm actually an old soul. I've always been able to enjoy talking with adults. I enjoy talking to anyone, frankly, usually becasue they let me talk. Just kidding....I love visiting with babies, toddlers, little ones, tweens, teens, college-age, and moms. Especially moms. That might be partly because my mom took me to nearly ever Mom's Night Out...but it's also partly because I love the same things as homeschool moms.

The point of this post, though, was about our group. The Pretty Pens is our little writing group and it's such fun to be encouraged by others. Last night was Ms. Angela's first night as a part of the group, and I got to give her the first eight pages of SoD (Stones of Destiny)! She's my "editor" that I'll be sending chapters/first draft to. I told her I needed some pressure to churn out my draft by May 25, so she agreed.

Next time, I plan to arrive with my first draft - woo hoo! There, I've put it out in the blogsphere so now I've got all of you to bug me about it! :) I also came away with a lot of great ideas about building my platform/expanding as a writer/blogger. Part of that will be updating MUCH more frequently, posting pictures, recipes, reviews, etc.

Did I mention that I was - Oops, never mind. You'll just have to wait for my announcement until after my special project is finished.

Quick question: what would you like to see on My Spare Oom? I feel like I should have a more set theme that I blog about...

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