Tiptoing into Renia Past Bedtime

Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's past my bedtime, (9:30) but for love of my readers and seemingly adoring fans, I am posting before the month of January ends. Hmp. And I needs to be figuring out how to get rid of the Christmas background. *sigh* Help?

Alright, dears. Come with me, and we'll tiptoe into my world, Renia...even though it's past bedtime. ;) My character - and fictional manifestation of myself - Emma Nels is a Catholic girl with a love of reading, coffee, tea, and other-worlds such as Neverland, Narnia, and Middle-Earth. One day she discovers an entrence to another world - and her's is changed forever. This is the tale of a girl, the world she steps into, a band of friends forged by laughter and loyalty, betrayals, and seven Stones of Destiny.

As she fights, explores, and lives in this new world, she discovers that knowing your Destiny is to trust God.

"But, Grandfather, how will I know my destiny?"

"God knows it. You must learn to let go....and trust Him. All things are in His hands. He will show you your way; it is your task to follow it."

Well? :)

Herein begins the First Year of the Tenth Age... *cough* ..so to speak

Monday, January 4, 2010

School's begun again and I'm settling comfortably back into routine: waking up, walking, school, breakfast, dashing to the gym, and even a bit of writing!!

Lol...I've probably seen Keaghan at least 5 times in the last two weeks, and last Saturday I helped her come up with a new character! It was awesome - sooo much fun! I'm not sure if she realized, but pretty much all of the ideas I was offering for "Nessa" were all based on me! Lol...I guess I'm guilty of writing myself in her head/books! ;) I'm really, really excited to see more of "me", because, truth be told, she is an AWESOME character! I even got Keaghan to "nick"name her after me: "Wyn"...hehehehhe....of course I'm also tickled pink because *ahem* Wyn is the girl that turns a certain smiling hero's world upside down. :D

This new year, one of the main goals I've set for myself is to finish my book, so au revoir, mellon-nins! I must set my hand to pen (or in this case, keyboard)!

If y'all ask nicely -or even want to know at all, lol - I might do a post just about my book! :)

P.S. New post up on my other blog, Good Eats - it'd really mean the world to me if you guys read it and dropped a few comments. Be a lovely early birthday present! ;)