Pounding the Pavement

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We're back from our walk and run which went well! I'm so happy and ready to start the day. I began the day back at home with half of a banana, sliced, and a blueberry-raspberry smoothie...yumminess. :)

I've been gifted with two awards (I love passing them on to people!), one by The Real Katie - who is now sixteen! Happy Birthday, darling! - for Sheer Awesomeness. So, this I give to Keaghan, Lanta, Rose, Paul, Elena, Brenda and Judi. Oh, and Ms Kimberly. ;)

Sweet Clare tagged me back in July with the Honest Scrap award - thanks dearie! I have to trip off to bed and say the Rosary, but tomorrow I'll give it out and post 10 honest facts about myself. Hope you all are having as good a morning!

Edit -- I started this post this morning but didn't get to finish it until tonight, hence the strange time references. ;)