I'm A Pile Of Mush Inside

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Really, I am. Why? I know so because I nearly melted Monday when I was talking to a dear friend and fellow blogger, Mrs Gibson.

Two of the moms at Co-op have new babies, little darlings Stewart and Nickolas. During lunch earlier that day I had been holding Nickolas, but handed him over to Annie, Mrs Gibson's 7 yrd daughter who was cooing over him. Her older brother Garrett (16) had wandered over and was watching when Nickolas reached out with his chubby little hands and putting on an intent expression, attempted to cross from Annie's arms into Garrett's.

Smiling, Garrett had picked him up and - much like the picture - looked happy to be holding a bouncing baby.

Later on, when Co-op was nearly over, Mrs Gibson and I were sitting cross-legged on the floor in the foyer discussing babies, with baby Stewart on her lap. She mentioned that she wished she had another little baby, and remembering Nickolas earlier, I told her about her son holding the baby.

Miss Cay: *chuckling* "He loves babies. He wishes he could have a little brother. In fact whenever" ( I don't remember if it was her daughter's god-child or her sister's baby - but it was a baby!) "the baby is across the street, he's over there in a flash, playing with baby on the floor!"


Really, that's so refreshing and delightful to hear! Honestly, when was the last time you heard of a teenage boy who loves babies and playing with and taking care of them?

Not very often.

Good to know young Catholic homeschoolers still love family and the beauty of life!