No school, and a demon barber: the Music of Sweeney Todd

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hello dear ones! I'm baaaack! ;) I had a blast - my little cousin's birthday party was so much fun. There was this huge joyjump-thingymagjig/inflated obstical course. Pictures soon...

Anyhoo, here's the new post. Enjoy!

'Dear me; how far I have fallen behind in updating. I think I'm finally starting to see the beauty in shorter posts. They don't take as long, and I'd be able to update more often. One of the reasons for my absence is I've lost computer prilages again. :(

Here's the beginning of a post I started to write a few weeks ago, but never finished -

The teenager is feeling grumpy, tired, bloated and ivreccovably stupid. She is also referring to herself in third person or what-ever-the-heck it is...

She feels at the moment like I'm a size 40, which I'm not, but it sure feels like that. There has been practically no school done today, and she's feeling the after affects of not catching up during summer. At the moment she feels, nay, knows a five year old is brighter. And she's supposed to be in high school. :P

So now that depression and certainty have set in, she's trying desperately to get back into rhythms of things and just do it! Just the thought of college is enough to make her groan and want to hid in her bed under her blankets. Her brain feels like it's mush slopping around and she's frankly terrifed at the prospect of 10 grade. She also wishes she was a normal Catholic homeschooler who was properly at her age leval, and knew Latin well enough.

She's been visiting Mrs. T, Mrs T's Academy, and her high school English blog.

On a brighter note she has fallen in love with the gory film musical Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street! Checked out the soundtrack from the library and proceeded to fall head over heels for it and now dreams of playing Mrs Lovett onstage. What a role!

A warning: The first song and Epiphany have the word sh--, in the songs. I believe it is only mentioned once in each song.

The Trailer!

There's No Place Like London

The Worst Pies In London

Poor Thing

My Friends

Green Finch and Linnet Bird

Alms, Alms

Perilli's Miracle Elixer

The Contest


Ladies In Their Sensitivities

Pretty Women


A Little Priest

Johanna (reprise)

God, That's Good

By the Sea

Not While I'm Around

Final Sequence - (SPOILERS!)

Well? :)

Musings on Sweeney Todd while packing for another trip

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hello, lovelies! Can I fall over myself apologising for being gone so long? ;)

Good news is that I am updating, bad news is that it's 7:04 A.M. and we are leaving for the Valley again. So I'll be helpless, blog-wise for nearly all of today. Hopefully my mum will let me on my grandfather's laptop, but if not, you know where I am being held... ;)

However, do not despair, loves. I shall leave you another post, scheduled to be posted while I'm on the road. I'm having some doubts about it though....the first three paragraphs are all about how miserable I felt that day, I'm so behind in school, blah blah blah. On the other hand I was so sad about returning my Sweeney Todd soundtrack to the library, having kept it as long as I could. (It had to be pried from my fingers.)

O, to cheer myself up I decided to go for the next best thing: listen to it on, and was so cheered up by it I have decided to open your eyes to the sheer genius and brilliance of and enlarge the walls of your world with SWEENEY TODD!!!!!!!!! *fan-girl shriek*

So that will 'your way come' soon - the SOUNDTRACK OF SWEENEY TODD! As you may have noticed I'm a huge fan. Haha. I know (nearly!) all the lyrics, love love love Johnny and Helena in their roles, sing the songs all the time, and oh yes, will not see the movie. Why? Well, as I listened to the soundtrack at night before falling asleep, I painted in my mind what they were doing while singing the songs - their actions, expressions. When I saw clips of the film they were different then I had imagined, but I still love the movie!!

Uh, just don't see it if you are squeamish about blood and guts, and even, well, *cough* burning alive. It's Tim Burton of course, so you are forewarned. He loves soaking his movies in blood and stuff. It is rated R for 'Graphic Bloody Violence' for a reason. I just saw the opening credits accidentally and um, well it shows bright red paint-like blood pooling in Sweeney's barber chair, spilling down the trap door and then switches to...meat coming out of a meat grinder. Eeeeh...

If you don't know the plot already, the film tells the story of a young talented barber on Fleet Street, Benjamin Barker (Johnny Depp) was happily married with a little daughter, Johanna. His life was ruined through, when the lecherous Judge Turpin (Alan Rickman) sees his beautiful young wife Lucy:

There was another man who saw
that she was beautiful,
a pious vulchur of the law,
who with a gesture of his claw
removed the barber from his plate
and there was nothing but to wait,
and she would fall!

Benjamin is falsely imprisoned by the Judge, for sixteen years, and at last returns to Fleet Street but not as Barker, but Todd. Sweeney Todd. He is surprised to find an old neighbor, Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter) a baker who resides on the first floor below his old shop. Mrs. Lovett runs her meat pie shop - selling the worst pies in London. She recognises him and tells him what befell of Lucy and his daughter, how the Judge tricked Lucy, and now he has Johanna, locked up as his pretty little ward. Sweeney burns for revenge, and in alarm at being recognised by a former apprentice, slits his throat.

Mrs. Lovett is horrified at first, then her cunning and cleverness sets in. Why get rid of...good meat? Lots of other gentlemen'll be coming for a shave. Sweeney can practise 'on less honorable throats' and sharpen his skills 'til Judge Turpin steps in his shop. The victims are made into Mrs. Lovett's meat pies and her business booms. But blood does not always come off, and such doings are very, very dangerous.

'Sweeney Todd - a wink in his eye, a smile to beguile. Sweeney held his trusted razor to the skies and freely flowed the blood of those who would Moralize'

And my dears, adieu! *blows kisses* Au revoir! *runs and climbs into the car*