Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Okay, I think I'm going to audition for Annie.

But I'm in desperate need of help. The auditions are in about a week, and all the children have to sing and I can't think of a song! Does anyone have any suggestions?

I was thinking something lighthearted and fun, like something from Mamma Mia, or Matchmaker from Fiddle on the Roof, or Officer Krupke from West Side Story. Do you have any suggestions? Something short but effective?

Any tips for the audition? Do they want me to sing the whole song or just about for a minuet?

I can sing, but I'm no opera singer. I'm really nervous. I had auditioned for the Sound of Music awhile back, but they had already had callbacks, so... I remember I was so nervous my voice couldn't decide on a pitch, so I was going from high, to really high, to low. Hee hee. ;)

Any tips would be great! I need help!


Monday, July 28, 2008

NOOOOOOO!!! I started a post on Romeo and Juliet, and how the 1968 film and that song, What is a Youth, makes my blood sing AND BLOGGER KILLED IT! EVIL! NASTY! HORRID! SCRUFFY-LOOKING....NURFHERDER!

Calm now.

Hares, Hatters, and Wiggles!

Not really. I just couldn't think of a title. *glares at muse who was brilliant a hour ago, but has now fled*

So! I found Leigha today, and abso-bloody-lutely love her blog and her post about I was so inspired I decided to meander over and explore. I did number one and two on Microsoft Word, but then I was banging away at the keys and it got xed out and didn't save! *sniffle*

The next one, 3, however sounded like so much fun I had to share it: Grab your dictionary off your shelf and blow the dust off. Pick ten words randomly (love the random bit!) and don't look at their meaning. Write them down or (in my case) type them and have fun creating meanings for the words. What do the words make you think of? What do you think they should mean?

Here are the ones my Guardian Angel picked...

marsh wiggle!!! Haha. Hm, Puddleglum’s home, a wet grey plain of water and thin mud, with mist. Fun to think of, imagine and write about, but probably not as much fun in real life. ;)

pit ooh, something for Mamma to fall in! Hee hee. A hole made out of dirt; excellent for roasting potatoes, eggs and other scrumptious food. See Chapter 24 Let Them Laugh of The Secret Garden.

barracks long house for boys, very military. Young Roman soldiers running drills, lounging about lazily, busy being good-looking and flashing dazzling grins at a girl getting water from a well nearby. :D

flame fire-hot, red, gold and blue. Beautiful in the dark. Passionate and quiet, loyal and steady, burning bright. Flickering in the wind, dancing merrily and shining at the lad or lass who carries it.

peruse read or glance with a haughty look, skimming over, eyes flickering here and there. Can make a girl uncomfortable. ‘Specially if it’s being done by a boy. Quite careless, effortlessly nonchalant.

slosh yay! Loooovvve it! Heh, drips in to Bella’s hood and gets her hair wet. Disliked immensely by her. Fun to run through, and stamp in. Lighthearted and melancholy at once. Grey-white stuff, made of melted snow and rain. Likes boots and being tracked indoors on carpets.

inevitable ooh. *runs her hands briskly* Death. Being snarky. Sarcasm living on. Mocha Frappachinos. The feeling you get when it’s raining. Stepping in to a Starbucks. Guys. ;)

row Baker’s! A fun British word describing a fight, which is so much cooler then anything we Americans could come up with. So very British. Which makes it so very cool. A row of pumps all lined up, shiny, beautiful and impossibly high. *drools*

scalawag *glowers* My little brother! Grr. A v. annoying person who know he pushes your buttons and enjoys it. Also shoplifters, hooligans and fresh-mouthed youngsters.

bluff Into the wee wee bluff, och me bonny lass! (Kidding. Don’t worry, my songs aren’t as bad as that.) Something James Bond does. A brave front. Pretending like you don’t care even though you’ve told him time and time again that nothing he can say or do will change your mind! (Haha. Rose and Fishy, anyone?) Cards: poker if you prefer. Casino Royale! (Yes, Bond again. What can I say? I like me my Daniel Craig.)

And there we go. Hoo, that was fun! Your turn now...

Back...and Happy

Oh, my friends, it feels so wonderful to be back! I've missed every one of you. It's amazing how I can feel so attached to people I've never even met! :)

Well, I have math to do. Haha, yes, summer is over for me, but, well, here's a little secret. It was never supposed to have even started. I am very behind, so I planned to continue my school, or math, at least, through the summer. Ha! There goes that well-laid plan. On a good note however, I finished my third math disc, so I have 29 lessons and then I am done and I move on to next level of math! Algebra... oh dear.

I realized I posted sometime ago that Geometry was going nicely. Ahem. Apparently that was just a introduction. My...bad.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Which means basketball practice and youth group. At the same time. I chose a few weeks ago to go to youth group instead of basketball, and I think I shall make the same choice again. I have nothing against basketball, but my friends and fellowship are dear to me. :)

I'm lurking about Jo's corner, dreaming in the souring melodies and listening to her words of Summer. I need the 2005 Pride and Prejudice soundtrack so. Music, I cannot live without. I need it, I crave it. My soul is filled with melodies as they play softly, and tug at my heart...

One might also say the same about God. We cannot do without, no matter how hard we may try. It is like trying not to breathe. We need Him, we cannot live without Him. He, is. Is all we are, all we try to be, all we want to be; He is there, watching always, with tender eyes. Waiting to carry us when we stumble, comfort us when we cry, and love us always.

Lovely Jenny who I "met" on the first day of World Youth Day, shared the story of her conversion to the Catholic Church, which was beautiful, and as I read, my eye was caught and held by a line she wrote:

Finally I knew that Jesus was the missing piece! All those years I had focused on God the Father but apart from Christmas and Easter I had not thought about having a relationship with His Son. I needed a loving dad and God had been I had a Brother.

Our Lord. Who gave Himself that we might be with Him in Heaven. The Sorrowful Mysteries are always able to bring tears to my eyes when I reflect on what He suffered for us. We, who had not even been born yet, and were hundreds and hundreds of years away from even existing. He loved us so much, that He was willing and ready. When I think of Jesus, I think of pure love. Of a Man, so gentle and tender, who loved children and His fellow men. He was whipped, beaten, ridiculed, spat on, mocked and forced to carry the Cross He would die on.

As a girl I dream of love and beauty, and one day a family, a home, and a husband. I dream of being rescued, someone to protect me, and comfort me. When I shed my bitter tears of childish hurt, I picture Him sometimes, bending toward me, and laying His hand on my head and just a wave of peace sweeping through me. Jesus is pure Love, and therefore we love Him. We are all searching for love, and we find ultimate love in Our Lord. Because we can't ignore Him. We love Him too much. :)

If that sounds contradictory, forgive me. I'm no scholar, so I error in something I say, it is in error. ;)


Just for a little while

Monday, July 21, 2008

I've lost computer for about a week, because I'm having trouble waking up early, so my mom's trying to motivate me. So I'm not ignoring you, if you left a comment. I'm just... temporally absent. ;)

Hopefully I'll be back soon, dearies, so say a prayer for me please!


A Blessing filled day!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's the beginning of World Youth Day, as Mamma Rose reminded me! Hurrah! It sounds amazing, but as I am not in Sydney, here is everything to keep up with this exciting week.

Pope Benedict will make his first visit to Australia, so I'm more then sure everyone down under is ecstatic about it!

For those who do not know what WYD is, it is the largest youth event and gathering in the world of young teens! It's organised by the Catholic Church, and a invitation to all the youth everywhere to celebrate their faith and learn more about it.

Prayers to all over there, that they have a amazing week, stay safe and have clear weather!

God Bless!

a Meme...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My dear friend Jo tagged me last night. (well, it was last night, last week. Many days have elapsed since then, and nights come and gone...)

But here I am at last, and I tag Elena, Mamma Rose, Delaney, Claire, Paul, Clare, Brenda, Sarah, and Mrs. Gibson...

I am: a daughter of Christ

I think: of raindrops and whiskers, and all I can

I know: there is a God

I have: so many people to love, worry over and pray for

I wish: to be good

I hate: cruelty

I miss: my cousin, and my best friend

I fear: losing my friends

I feel: quiet, lonely, and souring on gentle waves of music

I hear: the quiet pattering of rain coming down and crack of lightning

I smell: the faint scent of perfume, romantic, beckoning and comforting

I crave: hot chocolate, hugs, and the smell of coffee

I search: for truth, beauty and life

I wonder: about Love and its many different forms

I regret: that I didn't pray when I should have

I love: unconditionally

I ache: for the Girards, their friends and Paul

I am not: alone

I believe: Marc and Thom are in Heaven

I dance: in the rain and at night

I sing: always

I cry: when I watch my parents wedding video and listen to beautiful music

I don't always: fall asleep while it is still night

I fight: for my soul

I write: to find my voice

I win: a hug from a friend

I lose: my temper

I never: believe evil will triumph over good

I always: laugh

I confuse: my family by loving characters alive only on page and in my mind

I listen: carefully and gratefully

I can usually be found: curled in a chair, or a book

I am scared: of losing my loves

I need: a ton of love and affection or I will wilt

I am happy about: comments on my blog, and finding a new friend

I imagine: Middle-Earth is real

And I must add one of my own.

I am wearing: a great red oversized sweater :)


Friday, July 11, 2008

I felt it was time to dispel the rumors and post evidence that I am real, so...;) Here I am. Wow, my hair looks really glossy!

In Loving Memory

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Paul posted a beautiful video, 'In Loving Memory', of Marc and Thom. I teared up as I was watching, and truly started crying when I saw Marc receiving Holy Communion with a beautiful humbleness.

I cried for his family and friends, and for the boy I never met.

We love you, Marc.

Eternal Rest grant unto them, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

With love...

Yesterday I met a Dragon Rider and a Hobbit

I arrived at the library late yesterday afternoon in search and hopes of my first Chesterton. Hopping out of the car, I saw through the dark sliding glass doors, a cut out standee of Eragon. Full sized.

I eagerly scuttled inside going, "Eragon!!", bounced up to him and stood there rocking on my feet looking for a sign declaring there was to be a autograph signing or a meet-and-greet. No such luck.

After gazing rapturously at him and having fully admired his leather waistcoat thing-y, I left him with a sigh, and followed my dad inside so he could get me a new library card. Apparently since I got my last two library cards, they changed the limit of how old you could be, to get a card without an adult with you, to eighteen. Pft. Or so said the guy at the counter who didn't look but four or five years older then me. Double pft...

While my dad was writing down how much we owe in fees (really; it's surprising how $52, $19, and $10-something add up!), I looked around, my attention span already moving on, when I saw - gasp- Frodo!
They had a cut out of him too!

Squeaking excitedly, I bobbed over to where he was and halted before him, hands behind my back as I indulged in his Hobbit-ness freely. Interrupting my ogling, my dad came up and said he didn't want to get in to the whole fee thing, at least, not without a bank statement; so with a backward glance longingly, I heaved a sigh and allowed myself to be escorted out.
No Chesterton, but a Dragon Rider and a Hobbit? Yes.
These events are real and did happen, but are slightly exaggerated for humorous benefit. ;)

Rainy days

I love rainy days so very much. I've always found it hard to believe I was born on a sunny day. I was born between Sunday and Monday, in the wee hours of the dawn and midnight, so at least it was grey...

Some people talk about starlight and how beautiful it is; but I think rain-light is the most beautiful. A pale, clear grey-white, so very soft and gentle...

Rainy days are when you are nestled in your house, hot cocoa bubbling on the stove top... you are dressed in your favorite clothes, perhaps no longer wearable in public, but perfect for days such as these.

Rainy days are perfect for pottering about quietly, feeling homey, thinking thoughts of one's own, reading a good book and contemplating it's words.

Or, for us writers , it is spent over sheets of paper, notebooks or the computer. Writing slowly now, then filled with words flowing over, out of our fingertips, down through the black ink, on to the snowy white paper; and dancing there, merrily twinkling up at us as we lean back with a sigh of satisfaction and take a sip of our much-deserved tea, coffee or cocoa.

Yes, I think rainy days are the best.


Our Lady's Knight

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It is with a heavy heart that I type this. The FairyTale Novels Forum lost a dear member, 'The Illustrious Marc', on June 30.

Marc Girard was a eighteen year old boy and a Knight of Lepanto. He was a son, a brother, a friend, and soon to be, a Friar of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. He was all this and so much more.

I knew him through the FT forum, and he made me laugh. He ran for President in our Election thread, undaunted by the growing amount of votes for Mr. Darcy; he had the silliest and coolest avatar of Mr. Bean making faces, and he was a hero. He died with his father, Thomas Girard, trying to save his dad's life.

Marc, Mr. Girard, and Marc's younger siblings, Lucas, 11, and Hannah, 7, went swimming at a pond. There was a small island not too far away from the shore and they decided to swim to it. Marc swam with Lucas and Mr. Girard was behind them with Hannah in his arms, who couldn't swim. Marc heard his little sister scream and turned to see her in the water, their father nowhere to be seen. It is thought he suffered from a heart attack while swimming

Marc swam out to Hannah, pushed her to safety and told her to pray, then struck out back for his father. He was too late, however.
Lucas, Marc's little brother witnessed the entire tragedy. He also saw the firefighters pull his father and brother from the water. Marc was brought to the hospital barely alive. He received the Anointing of the Sick and Fr. Angelo blessed him with a relic of St. Padre Pio. As he did so, Marc entered in to cardiac arrest, and passed away at 1:50 a.m., on the Feast of the Precious Blood.

Last year the Girard's house burned down, and the only thing that survived the fire from Marc's room was his picture of St. Padre Pio. His family moved into a trailer and lived there through the winter. In fact, ten days before Marc's death, his dear friend, Master Paul Xavier, sent a message to me after I asked how things were going, replying that he was spending the night at Marc's place.
He posted later on the forum: "Ooh! Had a great weekend! Slept over Marc's friday Night, and watched Kingdom of Heaven on a surround sound laptop in his tent. Went to Six Flags with him, his brother and sister, and Angela. Went on nearly every ride. (Including Superman! Had the wonderful experience of having a mouthful of Miss Georgianna's hair... ) lol
Bought Angela a pink superman cape, which I had to wear while she went on a water ride, while Marc held her purse... (Just picture Pink cape...and a purse.) Lovely. Played Nintendo Wii Bowling with Bugs Bunny and Granny. lol
We went fishing later on afterwards, spent the night feeling sick as I found out that I'm a cursed man....Miss (Has to do with that Satanist guy that spammed me...)
Sunday we went to Mass, wore our capes, ate food, had a water balloon fight, played some kickball and baseball with the Friars, went home, took a shower...and sleeeeeepppppppppppppp feels so good."
I'm so very glad God gave the band of three friends (Paul, Angela and Marc) a wonderful last memory together, and Marc a amazing last day with his friends.
Pray for us, Marc, and help us to God. Watch over us. We won't forget you.